July 24, 2009 – Who Put a Spell on Mark?

Today there was some magic at the farm.

1993 F150

This 1993 Ford F150 turned into…

2010 Corolla

a 2010 Toyota Corolla!

This is a milestone for me as this is the first new car I have ever purchased.  I always bought used cars and trucks and sold my cars when domestic cars hit 150,000 miles and imports hit 200,000 miles. But the fact that I could get $4500 for my old beater pickup truck worth a few hundred for a a new Corolla at 1/3 off was a deal I couldn’t resist.  To top it off, the sales tax can be deducted from this year’s taxes as well.  Best of all,  on the 50 mile trip home, the car pegged in at 43 mpg.

After negotiating the price over the last few weeks via e-mail by with Des Moines Toyota and other dealers, I was able to walk into the dealer, complete all the paperwork, hand over the Ford, and drive away in less than an hour.  It was also the first vehicle in about 15 years I bought in the state of Iowa and didn’t have to drive to Minnesota or Wisconsin for the best deal.

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