July 14, 2009 – Overnight in the BWCA in the Rain

In the every other year take a couple of kids to the BWCA for an overnight, this year was the oldest girls and the dads.  Given the windy conditions, we opted to stay off of the open lakes and go up the Kawishiwi River instead this year.

Here’s Claire, happy at the end of the first portage.  Although you can’t see it, she insists on making it in one trip, so she has the other Duluth Pack on her pack and all the rest of her gear in her hands as I carried the canoe.

First order of business is to gather some firewood for later in the evening.

There were two different pathways for water to flow between these branches of the Kawishiwi River. The main channel is where the portage is, but this smaller channel also travels between the two bodies of water and is little, if ever explored.  So, Claire and I grabbed our rods and reels, some spinners and wandered up the stream until it met the lake.

It was great fun to catch smallmouth in the small pools below every riffle.  We must have caught a dozen on the trip up the creek.  It’s great fun to catch fish in the same water you’re standing in!

Did I mention yet that is was raining a good part of the day.  Here’s a makeshift shelter near the campfire that rivals and EZ-Up Canopy!  On this trip we forgot the fillet knife and ended up releasing a large number of good-sized smallmouth and walleye – some smallmouth and many walleye bigger than the one I caught off the dock in a previous picture were released on this trip.

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