June 22, 2009 – Septic Day 1

OK, so this isn’t the most compelling post from high hopes – there’s no luscious fruit, no animals, just a hole in the ground.  Since it is impossible for me to avoid the giant gashes in the earth and piles of soil, I feel the need to share it!

The old septic tank was only 500 gallons and was a few feet from the house – here’s the hole after digging it out and filling in the hole where the old tank was.  The tank was deep as the basement has floor drains and the top of the tank was below the floor drains, thus a really big hole.

To avoid a mechanical pumping system that would be problematic to use in power outages and to avoid more mechanical things that could go wrong, to get enough grade, the new tank, approx three times bigger than the old one, needed to be a ways from the house, thus the long trench.  This was about it for day 1 – it was one of those 96 degree muggy Midwestern days.

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