May 2, 2009 – Field Trip to Farmer’s Market

Today Linda took some students to the Des Moines Farmer’s Market. A group of them are planning on marketing co-operatively through the market and thought it would be a good idea to see the market, look at the presentation, the audience, and the like  so they could be ready for success when they visit.

A few of the students looking over a market stand.

Of course, walking around the market, even though we have our own farm, is still cause for purchase of things we don’t make or don’t have at the moment.  So we picked up some nice bread, a bag of lettuce from Coyote Run Farm,  some Italian sausage and shaved ham from Audubon County Farms,  acouple varieties of  goat cheese from Prairie Chevre, a couple of greenhouse tomatoes, a bunch of radishes, some multi-colored popcorn from Emmack Farms, and some Maytag blue cheese.  Think there will be a good dinner tonight?

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