May 31, 2009 – House Painting

One of the finished jobs this weekend was to scrape and paint the 2nd story of the east side of the house.

It’s nice to have this complete – for the house proper all that remains is the 2nd story west side and the whole house will have been painted in the last 6 months. Then it’s time to think about the attached garage.

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May 29, 2009 – Workin’ on the Barn

I’ve made a commitment to paint part of the barn (I bought 9 gallons of stain).  We’ve never painted the barn, so we are starting on the easy sides, the west and east sides.  I’ll have to think some more whether we attack the north and south sides with their more dizzying heights above the ground and figure out how to reach there.

It’s so weathered that’s there’s not much scraping to do as most of the paint is gone.

Martin was excited to do what he could to help stain the barn.  It’s more like pouring the stain on rather than brushing as the boards are very thirsty.

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