April 15, 2009 – Barn Windows and Raccoons

There were three windows that needed to be replaced in the barn and by far the most challenging one was the highest one on the south side of the barn.

In this photo the window is replaced as you can still see the sticker on the top window (no, I’m not going back up to take it off).  There is a rickety old ladder inside the barn that leads up to the window.  I was climbing up it and had Martin as a witness to watch and serve as a witness and run for help in case something went terribly wrong.

I was nearly to the top of the ladder when simultaneously, as I’m grabbing for for the last rung Martin yells out – “Dad a raccoon!” and I see a raccoon scurrying a couple of feet away from my hand. The raccoon scuttled a short distance away and I pulled up the window with a rope and got it installed.  I wish I had the agility of the raccoon at great heights.

one year ago…”Utility Boy-to-Be?”