March 21, 2009 – Starting Hoophouse

Today we started putting up a 10×21 hoophouse. I’m primarily following a design from the West Side Gardener.

The frames are made of 3/4 inch pvc pipes – light enough for a 7-year-old to shlep down to the building site.

Since the pvc pipe isn’t strong enough to pound into the soil as in the original instruction, I used a piece of metal conduit to make a “pilot hole” to guide the pvc pipe in.

After the pilot hole, in goes the pvc stakes.

Two ten-foot pieces connected with a 4-way connector make the ribs of the hoophouse.

All the hoops in place.

The ridge supports between the hoops in place.┬á Later, we’ll affix the plastic to the frame, and make the door.

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