March 17, 2009 – Washer Broke

A few days ago, our relatively  new front-load washer started making bad noises on the high spin cycle.  I called the appliance store and over the phone they said it sounded like a bad tub bearing.  They also said that the tub and bearing where integral to each other and that the tub would also need to be replaced.  Needless to say, I was not pleased at the prospect of throwing $400.00 into a two-year old washer.  Long story short, after a long time on the phone complaining, they finally agreed to pay for the bearing and tub.

However, when the tub got in the shop, they discovered it was a chapstick container that got caught between the drum and tub.  Curiously, now no one in the house uses or has used the particular brand of chapstick that was found in the washer!

Until the washer was fixed, Claire got to do one load of laundry in the tub.

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