March 11, 2009 – More Pruning

I discovered last weekend that fruit tree pruning is a great complimentary activity to boiling maple sap.  I can prune a tree for 15-20 minutes, take a needed break by wandering over to the stove and throwing another chunk of wood in the fire, and so it goes.  Today it was frightfully cold, down to the single digits – I’m hoping this is the last stretch of lows in the single digits for the season.

What remains on these fruit trees is to pick up the branches and haul them off to be burned.  I must admit, it gives me great satisfaction to see a well-pruned tree.  Even when passing by another farmstead, seeing a pruned tree engenders a feeling of care and competence on the part of the owner.  Likewise, when I see a fruit tree is disrepair, reaching towards the sky in a tangled mess, it makes me sad that the tree does not have a caretaker.

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