February 28, 2009 – Sheep Bling

Today the lambs got their bling – new earrings.  Only one stud for both boys and girls.  Ear tagging is a new process for us and it seemed to go well.

Here’s Linda with number 16.

And me with number 17. I went into the local farm store (Theisens) earlier in the week to get the tags and thought they were a bit pricey at $28.00 for 20 sheep/goat tags along with $26 for the applicator tool.  I didn’t get them and checked our favorite fencing supply store, Premiere Fencing and was able to get 40 tags for $8 and the applicator tool for $9.00.  So, what I would have paid $82 at Theisen’s, I got for $17 at Premiere.

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