February 27, 2009 – What’s Your Type?

What’s your type? Soil type, that is.  I stumbled upon a great web site by the NRCS that allows you to zoom into a piece of planet earth.

Here’s our farm from the air, via the NRCS web site.  Once you navigate to an address, gps coordinate, or legal description, you draw on the map the area you want soil mapped and the following pops up.

This photo shows the different soil types superimposed on the aerial photo.  To the left is a link to the description of the soil types from the county soil survey.  The detailed soil explanation lists the soil types, the soil characteristics, the suitability of the soil for different crops, building foundations and much more!  There are even little wands you can use to measure segments of land, determine area or rectangles or hand-drawn polygons – useful for estimated acres of a part of a farm.

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