February 13, 2009 – Katahdin Birth

We’ve never been able to witness the birth on any mammals on our farm until this Katahdin.  I must  admit it seemed much easier and quicker than the three off-farm births I witnessed (Claire, Emma, and Martin).

The head and legs first popped out and hung around for probably a couple of minutes before the whole body plopped out.

Mommy did a good job of  stimulating the lamb and cleaning it up by thorough lickings.  The ewe made the most tender low muttering sounds to the lamb after birth – reminiscent of a soft lullaby.

The lamb wanted to get up and move in the worst way – after about five minutes of false attempts and struggling, it got up on its legs for the first time.  He has a strong instinct to nurse, again, taking about five minutes to find the teat, first sucking on the back legs and many other false starts before finding the food source.

Then, the process was repeated when another lamb came out – only the next one came out tail first.  It was a bit funny to see the body half out of the ewe with the of the lamb wagging away.

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