February 6, 2009 – 2002 Prizm Hood Latch Failure

Linda had a scary drive to work this morning. The hood opened at about 55 mph and folded back onto the front windshield, cracking the windshield. She was able to safely get the car safely stopped without further incident.

The hood is crinkled, the windshield cracked, hood hinges trashed and the front quarter panels where the hood attaches are bent. I checked the NHTSA web site and filed a consumer safety complaint. Not so surprisingly, out of 11 complaints filed against this make/model/year, almost 30% are for this situation (and the last three are all hood latch failures at highway speed). If you have a 2002 Prizm, check the latches! And if it happened to you, visit the NHTSA web site.  I’m sure not everyone knows about this site, and the more problems that are reported, the more likely an investigation to determine the cause can get started.

I went into the local Chevy Dealer and got only a smart-alecky response from the service manager who’s response was “Do you know how many Prizms were made?”  The obvious answer is “Obviously not very many since Chevy stopped making them half-way through the 2002 model year.”

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