February 5, 2008 – First Lambs Arrive!

The first lambs arrived today! Linda found them probably about a half-hour after they were born – what looks like triplet ewe-lambs!

Two of them are good-sized, but one is small.

“Baby,” the smallest one, took a turn downhill about an hour after birth.┬á She looked dead. We brought her into the house, put her on a heating pad, tubed her (put a tube down her throat to get some milk in her to get her kick-started).

A short while later, she showed signs of wanting to live again, and once she was strong enough to stand up, she’s better off with Mom, to get the important colostrum, so she headed back out to the barn. Thank goodness the cold weather broke and the night is only supposed to get down into the 20’s and in the 40’s most of the next 5 days.

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