January 31, 2009 – I’m Melting

After a long, cold stretch, it got over freezing today for the first time in a while.  I use the ashes from the corn stove on the driveway and the sun on the black ashes does a good job of melting through the ice and snow.

Although it isn’t all clear yet, parts of the driveway are reappearing.  I’d like to have it all cleared of ice, so the tractor tires have good grip to move the next round of snow that comes our way.  Through the end of January, we’re already a foot of snow above normal for the year.

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One thought on “January 31, 2009 – I’m Melting

  1. we had a warm up here today too! We don’t have any ash, so we poured hot water over the really bad places on the front walk to thin the ice layer out!!!

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