January 14, 2009 – Snow. Wind. Cold. Repeat.

The weather reminds me of the instructions on a bottle of shampoo only instead of: Lather. Rinse. Repeat, there’s an added verse: Snow. Cold. Wind. Repeat.

Here’s a picture taken out of the kitchen window that shows the neighbor liberating the road with his industrial snow blower, blowing snow as high as the power lines. A pickup and plow were unable to punch through and the plow was tardy in arriving.

The days are starting to melt together. It seems like the only time I’m outside is on the tractor clearing snow. Schedules are all messed up – school delays, all out cancellations, early outs, I’m not sure what happened what day – it’s just an endless week of uncertainty.

Tonight is supposed to be the coldest night since we moved to the farm 13 years ago. It will be a test for our fruit trees that are supposed to be hardy to -20. We won’t find out until spring how they fared.

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