January 5, 2009 – More Perplexing Instructions

I bought a new antenna for the TV for the digital cross-over and was quite bemused at the last warning on the installation instructions!

I’m really curious how many drunk and pregnant women find themselves in a situation where they need to install a TV antenna?  I’ve never been both drunk and pregnant, so maybe some of the female readers can help me out on this one.  I know pregnant women often have strange food cravings like jalapeno peppers on ice cream, but tell me, during a night of binge drinking, do pregnant women have an uncanny urge to install TV antennas? More importantly, how do they have the foresight to have an uninstalled antenna at hand?

I’m also baffled by the imperative “Do not throw antenna at spouse.”  I guess it’s ok to throw the antenna at neighbors, children, or people you are shacking up with, but somehow spouses get extra protection from intentional antenna hurling?  Chime in if you can offer up your view on the dangers of  drunk, pregnant antenna flingers.

one year ago…”Rain in the Desert”