January 4, 2009 – Old Machine Shed Demolition Begins

The east half of the old machine shed is beyond repair.  Last year I put a new roof on the left side (just out of view of this picture) and new framing inside where the new end wall will begin.

Here’s one view that shows the shed with some of the siding already removed and the sorry state.

Here’s another view of the demolition so far.  Depending on the weather, this project could drag out a while.  We are saving the wide boards – they are wonderfully weathered and hope to find re-use down the road.  I hope to also salvage some of the 4×4 and roof rafters as well.

one year ago…”Hanging Around Sedona”

One thought on “January 4, 2009 – Old Machine Shed Demolition Begins

  1. It is a shame to see an old barn go! I love to see the old barns that once supported a way of life. I also enjoy figuring out what a barn was used for and how it has changed purpose through out the years. Kind of like your corn crib, and at my place a huge “basin style” hog barn that has a smaller late 1800’s barn in the middle of it. It shows something you are all about, diversity at its best.

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