December 28, 2008 – Fire and Ice

In the aftermath of the ice storm, beauty abounds.

These are some of the high bush cranberries – which have been a great hedge plant at the farm.  I love the flowers, the leaves, growth habit and fruit left behind for wildlife, although now the cranberries are not easy to get!

Even encapsulated in ice, the holiday lights still glow.  I guess I shouldn’t complain too much when the don’t work after they take abuse like this.

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December 27, 2008 – More Ice; Another Day at Home

Here’s the view out the front window when we woke up this morning.

It didn’t melt all day long, but the ice stopped after accumulating about 1/3 inch of ice. It’s nearly impossible to walk outside, let alone drive which leads to and another day homebound. The good part of the day is that the power stayed on. We did manage to move the chicks out to the coop out of the basement; we’re hoping they stay warm enough all bundled up and covered up inside a dog kennel with a heat lamp inside.

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December 26, 2008 – Day after Christmas On the Beach!

Here we are on the beach!  Off the photo to the right is a lifeguard stand that says “No Lifeguard on Duty.”  We went out into the lake nonetheless.

After we left Grandpa Dave’s we stopped by a nearby lake to run around before the four hour trip home. It’s always dicey driving across the Midwest in December.  On Christmas Eve Day we left, but barely got out as the winds were howling at 40 mph and we needed the tractor to clear the driveway and wait for the plow to come to escape the drifts.

The way home was warm (it was 58 in Des Moines today, only 1 degree cooler than Phoenix!) but as we headed south, we ran into near zero visibility in the dense fog.

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December 21, 2008 – Awful Wind

There was horizontal snow most of the day, even though there weren’t many clouds. I think the snow that was in South Dakota this morning flew by our front yard this afternoon en route to Illinois by evening.

Here’s the view of the sunset across the field towards the west.  The good news is that the weather is forecast to be “much warmer” tomorrow – a high of 7!  Bring on the heat! one year ago…”New (to me) Camera”

December 20, 2008 – Winter Solstice

The wind and snow, mainly the wind forced cancellation of the annual solstice bonfire (that’s two years running).  The forecast whiteout and blizzard warning was enough to dissuade us from hosting the event.

Here are some of the now abandoned ice luminaries in a snow drift, as if they’d not get blown away out in the open.  It’s scary cold out there and not fit for man nor beast.  Looks like this winter is starting to shape up like last year’s never-ending winter.

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