November 4, 2008 – More About Mavericks

I’d like to join in the national discussion about Mavericks. There are a long line of Mavericks on both sides of our family. We haven’t always been proud of the Mavericks, but ironically, even though the Mavericks were on both sides of the family, and even though the Maverick owners never met because one lived in the backwoods of northern Minnesota and the other in a Twin Cities suburb, ironically, it came to pass that the Mavericks on both sides of the family were eventually replaced by Thunderbirds.

Linda’s family had a Maverick during her formative pre-teen years. My Uncle Dick was the biggest Maverick that I’ve known. He had at least three Mavericks that I remember and may have had more. He found them cheap and had his own salvage yard of parts so he could replace parts as they failed. He realized that buying a dead Maverick was much cheaper than buying an alternator, for example, and because he had the room to store the cars, had his own junk yard and drove the Mavericks for many years. The nameplate in the photo above is from one of my uncle’s Mavericks.

My uncle Dick also liked to visit the “Hinsley Mall” as he called it. He was a recycler decades before it became trendy. The Hinsley Mall was an old-style dump on Hinsley Road – the kind that has been replaced by “sanitary landfills.” Here, stuff was not immediately buried. He picked up all kinds of aluminum, scrap metal and other things to collect and in some ways acted as a metals speculator, keeping piles of sorted aluminum, copper, and iron until he thought the prices were high enough to cash in. The Hinsley Mall was also a great place to watch wildlife, including the black bears that frequented the dump near dusk most nights.

It pains me to this day to go to the sanitary landfill and see all the good things that have been thrown away. I keep thinking I’d like to make a deal with the landfill to scrounge and give them part of the profits from reselling goods from the dump that are still good. I’d call the store the “Hinsley Mall.”

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