November 1, 2008 – Farm Auction

Last weekend there was a farm auction less than a mile from our house.  I love farm auctions, but hadn’t been to one in quite a while – since this one was so close, I couldn’t turn it down.

People huddled around an auctioneer is kind of a timeless scene.

This photo probably could have been taken many decades ago as all the “junk” on the hay wagon in the foreground was probably at least that old!  Not too many finds, the best probably being about 15 stainless steel malt cups for 2 bucks, a small trailer for 7 bucks, about 40 pounds of like new stainless steel bolts and nuts for 2 bucks, a box of angle brackets for a buck, two hammers for a buck, a large collection of chicken feeders for 7 bucks, and six new ax handles for 2 bucks.  Now, if I just had time to start selling the stuff I don’t need on Ebay!

one year ago…”Thingamajig Thursday #93″.