September 13, 2008 – Jim Sinning Memorial

We’ve been here 12 years and last week was the first funeral we’ve attended from in the neighborhood. Jim Sinning passed away while vacationing with his wife in Nova Scotia. We immediately liked Jim and Kay when we met them. They are cut from a different cloth than many others.

Jim grew up as a the town (Melbourne) doctor’s son and decided he wanted to be a farmer. So his dad said he better find out if he really liked farming, so he created an “internship” for him. He was sent off to live with a farm family of which his Dad had delivered all the children to see if he really wanted to be a farmer. He did and he died a farmer.

Jim gave up his big pickup truck about 3 years ago (once again, he was ahead of the trends) and bought a Scion xB. As an old farmer, he just removed the front seat attached it on new rails to give himself more leg room. To top it off, he put a giant turnkey – like the kind you used to get to open kipper snacks or other metal fish containers – on a giant magnet that he put on top of the Scion!

Jim loved to cook and was known far and wide for his springtime roadside asparagus route. He had a route where he knew wild asparagus grew in the county road ditches and also delivered to old friends who couldn’t get out.

We’ll miss Jim and think of him, especially next spring when I wait at the bus stop next April and hop out of the car to harvest the first tender shoots of asparagus from the patch he revealed to me somewhere along Jessup Avenue one day this past spring…

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