August 13, 2008 – What to do with Peaches?

Ok, we’re almost ready to say uncle with the peaches, but there still might be half the peaches left on the trees.

Here are the trays right out of the dehydrator.

The contents of each tray fit nicely into one bag in what I call the “suck and seal” machine.  It’s always a bummer to see how small the fruit gets after drying.

Canned peaches and blackberry jam on an intermediate canning day.  The most we’ve done this year is 28 quarts of peaches in one afternoon.  We’re packing them in quarts, pints, and jelly jars for single-serving jars for lunch. Emma is a gifted peach and tomato skinner.  She has great hands for removing the skins from peaches and tomatoes after blanching.

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