July 22, 2008 – Hosting Costa Ricans at High Hopes

As part of the Costa Rican exchange, after our visit to Costa Rica agricultural sites this past February, the Ticos are now visiting Iowa and it is our turn to reciprocate for the warm welcome we received.

The stage is set for dinner and dancing – it turned out to be a perfect July evening – in the 70’s with a dry north breeze.

Here’s the group that is visting Iowa.  Four of the members of the group we met in Costa Rica, the others are new to us.

Here “Lonna and the Pretty Good Band” start the evening off right after a dinner of iowa sweet corn, watermelon, hot dogs, rice and beans, and strawberry, apple, and cherry crisps and cobblers from fruit from the farm.

Lonna, the caller, started us out easy in a circle dance.  Despite the language barrier for some dancers, they would quickly catch on the the steps and as music and dancing are a universal language, there was much laughter and levity.

Whoo! The circle comes together!

Annie, our neighborhood piano tuner and musician arranged the band for us.

Lonna did the calling for the dancers.

Swing your partner.

Heel to toe and ’round again.  Emma kicks off her shoes and enjoys a dance.

Martin was very popular with the ladies and danced every dance in good form.

As the band played into the evening, the shadows fell as the music went on.

For those of you with Windows Media Player and Internet Explorer, you can click the icon above to see 15 seconds of the dancing with Ticos, complete with music!

one year ago…”Dilly Beans”

3 thoughts on “July 22, 2008 – Hosting Costa Ricans at High Hopes

  1. Thanks for a terrific summary of the fabulous evening spent at your farm. It was great – the tour, the explanations and insights, Claire’s Spanish-language video, the food, and of course, the music and dancing. Thank you for being such gracious and generous hosts.

  2. This was the best night he had during the trip. Everybody enjoyed so much the dancing lessons and of course, the food was great! We all laughed so much… We hope to see you once again here in Costa Rica.

  3. It was great!!!! It was the best night in the whole trip! I had soooo much fun! Thanks to High Hopes Gardens and everyone involved, it was awesome!

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