July 5, 2008 – Fruit in Season

The cherry trees have gone nuts this year – although I put another photo of the tree up a few days ago, I couldn’t resist another.

We’ve been making pies, jam, and freezing the cherries. A reader asked for the recipe we used to make cherry jam, and I can say that the recipe is not hard, but varies on the type of sure-jell you use – the box has recipes for the particular type of pectin, so a recipe for “Certo” may not be the same as for “Sure-Jell” or “Sure-Jell Reduced Sugar.” We’ve also found that the company web sites have many more recipes and fruit combinations than the recipes enclosed in the box.

The mulberries are in full fruiting now as well. We keep a couple of big mulberries around – one by the raspberries that seem to keep the birds off the raspberries as they seem to prefer the mulberries. The only drawback is the occasional large purple splotch on the car. Another tree is in the chicken yard where the chickens eat every berry that falls.

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