June 15, 2008 – Emma At ISU Basketball Camp

Emma got a break from basement pumping for three days (it finally stopped late last night) and went to Ames for Iowa State Women’s basketball camp.

Here’s Emma with some teammates from her school and head coach Bill Fennelly – one of the most beloved and successful coaches in the country – Bill’s got a .707 winning percentage, his team drew more fans last year than the University of Iowa MEN’s team and has made the post-season 11 of his 13 years at ISU. A new athletic director came in a few years ago and fired the men’s basketball coach, fired the football coach, and gave Coach a lifetime contract!

Here’s Emma with one of her position coaches for the week – Toccara Ross, one of the post players for ISU. Her other coach was Nicky Weiben. Does Emma look happy!

Emma is tall, but next to 6′ 4″ Jocelyn Anderson, she has some growing to do! Emma had a great time and looks forward to a exhibiting a whole new bag of tricks next season.

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3 thoughts on “June 15, 2008 – Emma At ISU Basketball Camp

  1. Emma, you are hot! This has to go on your list for “exciting things I did in my life”. Coach Bill Fennelly, Wow! GJ

  2. hey! i was searchin joci’s name and this came up. i think i’ll print this picture out & give it to her if you don’t mind. (:

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