June 13, 2008 – Statewide Flooding

It’s rather hard to take all the flooding in. I was especially struck with the photos from Cedar Rapids and a crest 10 feet higher than ever recorded before.

A couple of views of the flooding in the commercial district of Cedar Rapids.

Here’s a view from another river, another town. This shows one of the main entrances to Iowa City, Hwy 1, or Dubuque Street. The crest here isn’t expected for a few more days and to be about 5 feet higher than in this photo.

Another river, another town – here’s downtown Des Moines. You can see the riverside amphitheater stage sticking up out of the water.

Here’s the same place during a Los Lobos concert we went to last summer. We’re still pumping water in shifts out of the basement, but in good shape compared to many across the state.

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