June 6, 2008 – More Girl Skills

A little bit ago, Emma learned to change oil, now her job is to change a tire. It isn’t exactly an intuitive thing, so we had her change one at home under Dad supervision.

We had her find where all the parts were hidden (and helped me verify that they were all there on the “new” car). Here Emma raises the car up with the jack.

Loosening the tire nuts is always the most difficult part and these needed a little extension to break them loose.

Finally, the tire comes off – we put the spare on just to make sure it held air and we put everything back. We’ve driven a bit since Emma did this and no wheels fell off, which is much better than the guys at the local Wal-Mart auto shop. A local mechanic said he’s heard of five vehicles fresh out of the Wal-Mart garage that didn’t have the tires on right and they fell off while people were driving away, sometimes at highway speeds. Fortunately no one was injured.

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