May 24, 2008 – Flat Martin (aka Flat Stanley)

Flat Stanley is a popular children’s book where Stanley has the misfortune of being flattened underneath a billboard that falls down on him. He soon discovers that life paper-thin does have its advantages, like being able to slide under closed doors, being used as a kite, and being able to cheaply mail himself for traveling.

The story has been adopted by many elementary teachers to a fun project. Martin’s teacher traced his outline on a piece of paper, Martin colored it to look like him, and then was laminated and sent off to Auntie Kathy in California. The recipient of a Flat Stanley has an obligation to take Flat Stanly with them and document what Flat Stanley does and where he goes, then send him back in the mail with the stories of his journey.

Clint Eastwood brought his daughter’s Flat Stanley as his guest to the Academy Awards. Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger brought his son’s Flat Stanley on the campaign trail.

We were very surprised to see that Auntie Kathy had made international travel arrangements for Flat Martin! Here is Flat Martin at a train station in Frankfurt, Germany with a co-worker of Auntie Kathy. Also as part of his European vacation, he visited Amsterdam.

When Flat Martin got home, he went for a ride in the real Martin’s car seat!

Flat Martin hangs out with Martin in the barn.

Flat Martin was getting too lazy, so we made him mow the lawn!

We tried to show Flat Martin how to drive the tractor, but he wasn’t so good!

He was good, however, wrapping around the wind turbine pole where his flatness really helps!

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