April 16, 2008 – Milo and Fern

We’ve been anxiously awaiting Nellie’s first birthing experience as first timers can have problems until they figure it out. Paullina gave birth 2 1/2 weeks ago. Here are Milo and Fern – a girl and boy. They are very small but seem like they might be ok. Nellie has an “oh shi#*” look in her eyes, but seems to be licking the kids and murmering to them in the proper goat way.

Here they are a few hours after birth, Fern on the left, Milo on the right.

Compared to their barn mate Solo (being held by Emma) they are shrimps. Solo was born 17 days ago and was not a multiple birth and so he looks like a giant.
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One thought on “April 16, 2008 – Milo and Fern

  1. Can’t believe you guys can name your animals and then sell them and butcher them and eat them. I remember the time we raised a calf for ourselves, naming it “Calfy” (we were terribly original). took us a long time to be able to eat Calfy after we butchered her. We all got in the truck to take her to be slaughtered, with three of us in tears as we waved “good-bye” to her.

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