March 16, 2008 – Happy St. Urho’s Day!

Oh my – this important day has already reached us without fanfare or warning. It is the day to celebrate St Urho’s banishment of the grasshoppers from Finland to save the Finnish grape crop. Some people have claimed that the story is not entirely accurate, but then again, nobody argues with the guy who claims to have moved the snakes off the Emerald Isle?

St. Urho got some good run in the Minnesota Monthly magazine with excerpt from an article about Minnesota Favorites.

Minnesota is known for wild rice, hotdish, and mojakka. Okay, so maybe the Finnish-American soup (pronounced MOY-a-kah) hasn’t quite caught on yet outside of ethnic enclaves. That soon may change: the annual St. Urho’s Day Mojakka Cook-Off held in Cloquet has helped popularize the fish- or beef-based stew since the event’s debut in 2003. According to the Ode to St. Urho, the Finnish hero ate culla mojakka effery hour to maintain his Samson-like physique. A remarkable feat, considering we weren’t able to finish the bowl we sampled at the Family Tradition Restaurant in Cloquet, due to its odd tinge of allspice and rutabagas. At least it tastes better than lutefisk. For more information, go to

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