March 7, 2008 – The Road to Freedom!

The road is finally almost normal!

snow plow
How’d you like to see this coming at you over the top of a hill?  Today, the plows (sometimes 2) spent two hours working just the 1/3 mile of road between our place and the blacktop.  The road is now about 3/4 of the normal width, instead of the 6 foot cowpath of recent weeks.  One of Linda’s colleagues missed 3 days of school this week because he couldn’t get out.  The wind blew last last week, and he was trapped 5-6 days.  About 3 days into it, a neighbor of his called the country and said they needed to get out for dialysis treatment.  They came and plowed to that house, but not all the way to the colleague’s house.  Finally, on Thursday he was able to make it to school.

one year ago…”Iowa Foods”

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