March 4, 2008 – A First Melting

On Sunday, the temps soared to 46 degrees!

In the back pasture, the four foot high fence is nearly buried and the yellow snow is water flowing through the snow from a drainage in the adjacent field.  We’ve got a lot of melting before spring comes.

A temporary river started flowing through a low spot in the back pasture.  It was strange to see and hear the sound of running water.  Here Martin is walking on a fence over the flowing water.  This time of year the snowpack can be deceptive as the top of the snow can look white and normal, but if you step in, it could be a couple of feet of slushy flowing water just below the surface.  These are fun days for the kids – to run around in conditions that often don’t happen – like water flowing through big drifts where where is usually not any water.

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