March 1, 2008 – Costa Rican Beaches/Pacific Forests

At the end of the trip, we had about 20 hours at a place on the beach (Pacific side).

This woman’s Midwestern modesty cannot coax her out from behind the palm tree!

Later in the day, some folks tried their hand at fishing and were not successful.

There were some rocky stretches as well where we could explore the tidal zones and all the fun creatures living there.

Here’s our lodging.  Say, don’t those plants in the foreground look like the houseplants that never look quite right?

Behind the pool and nestled in the trees is one of the restaurants at the resort.  The literature claims no trees were felled to construct the buildings – many had trees growing through them. Most of the restaurants where we dined were open air and bugs/flies were surprisingly never a problem.

Here’s Costa Rica’s version of the raccoon. This one was searching the restaurant (one of the hazards of open air!)

The resort had a number of trails through a forest.  Here is the base of a giant tree.  This one had a zip line way up that you could speed above the rain forest canopy.

Martin, our resident rain forest expert said this picture had too much light to be a rain forest because rain forests only get 2% of the light down to the ground and this photo was more than 2%.

One of the most fascinating parts of the hike was coming across colonies of leaf-cutting ants.  This particular group was disassembling a fallen flower.  It was a treat to see a long line of ants, each carrying a piece of this flower back to the nest.

These ants were carrying bits of leaves.  Unfortunately, the dark conditions and difficulty of close-up focus without a macro lens made photos problematic.  I could say the ants were moving so fast, they were a blur, but that wasn’t the case.

Here’s a “Where’s Waldo” challenge for you.

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