February 18, 2008 – Same Story, Different Day

Still no snow plow.  The snow stopped and the sun came out, but the wind is howling again!

This morning a pickup truck and blade tried to punch through, but gave up in front of our place.  The plow came and punched a path later in the afternoon, but with the 7 ft high banks down the road and this wind, it just filled right back up.  At this rate, the kids will be going to school in July!  There’s a reason people live, I’m just not sure why today!  Maybe in April we’ll have an answer.

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2 thoughts on “February 18, 2008 – Same Story, Different Day

  1. Mark and Linda! Hope all is well!
    Wow, this has been quite the year of snow, more snow and wind for you all in the beautiful countryside of Iowa! I am sure it is getting a little old for even the most hearty souls!

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