January 22, 2008 – One Corn Wagon Emptied

The heating season better be over half complete!  The first wagon of corn is emptied.  100 bushels gone.  We’re on schedule, since at one time, I looked up the average coldest week of winter and it was January 22 – the average low temperature bottomed out on that day and slowy started rising afterwards.

There’s one more wagon, but in true delayed gratification style, the harder wagon to scoop out corn is in the first position and the easy one second.  My thinking is, near the end of the season I want it to be easier, not harder to get the corn.  The second wagon is a gravity wagon that I can fill up the buckets from a chute, instead of scooping out the top of a wagon.  When it warms up to a temperature where it is not bone-chilling to be outside, I’ll jockey the wagons around to get the current wagon closer to the door of the shed.

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