January 19, 2008 – Behave or Grandma Will Take You Out!

Finally, some farming pictures – outdoor farming pictures are few and far between during cold January weeks. However, there is one beehive at high hopes that is very aggressive and gj is not willing to work with overly aggressive bees. 

The solution is to go out on a cold morning and remove the bees.  She wasn’t too sure how long the bees would live in the 3 degree morning, so she’s dressed in full beekeeping attire.  I bet you never thought that beekeeper’s attire worked well as winter camoflauge.

One frame is removed and the ball of bees is visible from in the hive.

Scraping the bees off into the snow and cold air.  Some bees tried to fly away, but at 3 degrees the flight lasted about 5 seconds before they fell and perished.  Next spring we’ll start over with a new queen and some buddies.

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