January 12, 2008 – Trip Redux – 6 Year Old Style

Martin kept a journal during the trip to Arizona, and I am going to post his thoughts here (to the best of my ability, as the handwriting is that of a six-year-old, often times writing in a vehicle or in bed)! You are lucky that I decided to post Martin’s rather than Claire’s 60 pages of notes from the trip.

I can’t wait to go to Arizona.  Going to Arizona. A book.

Chapter One
We woke up really early this morning.  We had to ride in a plane. We landed in Chicago.

Chapter Two
We get to go on another plane. I have no idea where we are. All I can see is a plane wing.

Chapter Three Arizona
We landed in Arizona.  There are littel cactus and big cactus. and palm trees. We get to go to a picnic and go hiking then we go home and have supper. Good night Martin.

New Year’s Eve I was the 1st one to see the red rock.  We had pancakes and sausage. 1st we went to Oak Creek then I got a turtle.  Then we went to a volcano. then we went to the indian ruins. Good night Martin.

We had eggs for breakfast. We have a long trip to Walnut Creek 7 miles long.  Emma scarde me right now.  We are going to the petrified forest.  We are there now.  We watch a movie. We buy a box of wood. It is a long ride to the wood. We go hiking now. We are going home we watch a movie. We go to bed.

We go to Montezuma Castle. Then we go to tuzigoot. We come home to eat supper then me and Emma go in the hot tub.

We go to the Grand Canyon and have a coca. Then we go on a hike. Then we go home and me and dad have a big pizza. Me and dad go in the hot tub good night Martin.

We pancakes and sausage. Kathy and Jill left today and we went to Red Rock Crossing then we went home the have lunch then Dad Mom and Emma left and I had a nap then I came out and Mom and Emma came home. We had dinner.  We went in the hot tub then we got bed. Good Night Martin

We have omwits today then we went to red rock crossing.  then we have to go home to have lunch then I get a dirt shirt then we go home and then we have dad’s birthday cake!

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