January 30, 2008 – Garage Keeper

Last week’s Thingamajig Thursday was part of this piece of folk art made by our friend and art professor.

The eyes are a couple of electric fence insulators and the body is a brightly colored combination of found wood.  Even though it has been outside through blizzard, cold, storm, and ice, it has maintained its color while keeping an eye on the place.

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January 29, 2008 – 24 hours

Yesterday was sunny and 46. Laundry got out on the line.

Today, well, today is a day to survive, not thrive.  The temperatures plummeted to -2, along with winds of 51 mph, combined for a day that could suck the life right out of you if you were outside for very long.  It’s hard to get a photo that conveys that kind of cold.  So we’ll just let that day go with wherever the wind took it.

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January 28, 2008 – A Crime in Some Neighborhoods

Here’s a picture of a crime scene in some neighborhoods…

OK, maybe crime is too strong a word, it’s against the rules in many suburban and urban neighborhoods. There’s even a group promoting the long-standing practice of drying clothes on a line and have started the “right to dry” and “National Hanging Out Day” (April 19) campaigns. There’s even a powerpoint presentation entitled “Laundry, An inconvenient chore?” Here’s some of their reasons to dry clothes outside

  • Save money
  • Conserve energy and the environment.
  • Clothes and sheets smell better
  • Clothes last longer. Where do you think lint comes from?
  • It is physical activitywhich you can do in or outside
  • Clothes dryer fires account for about 15,600 structure fires, 15 deaths, and 400 injuries annually. The yearly national fire loss for clothes dryer fires in structures is estimated at $99 million.

It’s worth a trip over to the site to poke around.
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January 27, 2008 – Pearl City Invitational Debate Congress Champion

Yesterday Claire ventured to Muscatine, Iowa for the Pearl City Debate Invitational (Muscatine is called the Pearl City because there used to be button factories along the Mississippi that made buttons out of mussel shells).

This is the first time Claire has finished first.  In a Congress event, the participants act as congressmen (less the lobbyist money and other vices) and introduce, argue for, and vote on timely issues.  We know Claire has finely honed her debate skills at home and we’re happy that she’s finally rewarded for sharing these skills with the world at large!

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