December 21, 2007 – New (to me) Camera!

I used to have a nice SLR camera (Canon AE-1) that I bartered for a bunch of Christmas trees back in college. I loved that camera – while climbing a mountain in Utah, it became separated from me and bounced down a snowfield in its case a couple of thousand feet and lived to tell about it.

I started with point and shoot digitals for the last few years, and was waiting to save up for a new digital SLR, but could never quite justify the cost with other expenses.

My current point and shoot was starting to be on its last legs, so I bought this Canon S2 on Ebay for about 1/4 of the list price. Since the S3’s are out, all the folks that need the latest and greatest jettison their old stuff – but it is in perfect shape and I appreciate that on this model I can attach filters, wide and telephoto lenses and have manual control if I so wish.
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