December 19, 2007 – Band Day & Drug Sniffing Dogs

Today Claire’s band had a “day off” of school and they rented the indoor football practice facility at Iowa State and practiced their Fiesta Bowl program all day, then played at an Iowa State basketball game where they filled in for the ISU pep band that was off on winter break and not on campus.

The real band is down to the right and on the video screen Claire is behind the red-head (as if you can see it!)  But many of you have much better imaginations and eyesight than I do and will be able to make her out.

I sure appreciate the director, Mr. Lee.  They aren’t leaving until after Christmas, but their luggage and most of the instruments left for Phoenix in a truck yesterday.  All of the students were to have their luggage at school before the morning bell and Mr. Lee used the “Trust, but Verify” method.  He had all 130 some kids line up their luggage, introduced the town police and drug sniffing dog to the students and invited the students to wait in another location while the dog verified the luggage was clean.  It was, but I thought it was a nice touch, just to reinforce the expectations set before the trip concerning behavior and representing their school, town, and state in a positive manner!
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