November 17, 2007 – Doesn’t Get More Old Fashioned Than This

After yesterday’s entry about sustainable enterprises and earning it – I can safely say that moving small amounts of manure from a barn to a garden are sustainable enterprises (however negligibly rewarding they may be).

It is strangely satisfying, though to move the fertilizer with only the labor of your own hands along with with a pitchfork and cart.

It’s a time of year we can directly put it on the garden now that the growing season is over.  This will be a tilled garden in the spring and although there is no financial reward, we will avoid having to purchase outside petroleum-based fertilizers, so I guess there is a reward of sorts.

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One thought on “November 17, 2007 – Doesn’t Get More Old Fashioned Than This

  1. Your blog is fascinating. Sorry I hadn’t found it sooner. Yesterday I had lunch in Boone with a friend who has moved to Carrol, IA. When I told her about your place, she commented her son, Joel Taylor–25, has been reading your blog for some time.

    I’ve just read your entry from Nov. 17, 2007 about mucking out the barn. I had to muck out the barn when growing up ( of course, my comments were not quite this nice then), but when we got the horse and ponies, I really enjoyed it–I know, I’m a tad strange, but no, don’t call me to come help. It’s okay.

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