November 10, 2007 – “You’re Invited to Watch a House Burn Down”

Martin received an unusual invitation in the mail the other day.  Here it is:

How could you turn down an opportunity like this only about 2 miles away? It was an old house on a property with a newer house and this one had seen better days and was claimed by ‘coons and other critters.

Here are the three boys, watching the fire, including the host, all dressed up in fireman gear.

The firemen used it as a training, although, they really didn’t want to put the fire out.  Previously to this day, they had filled it with smoke and practiced retrieving straw dummies in their respirators, etc.

They just wanted to prevent other things from burning.

Without fire hydrants, rural fire departments set up these temporary pools for the tanker trucks to dump and go get more water.

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