November 9, 2007 – Mellencamp

Tonight we went to the Los Lobos and John Mellencamp concert is Des Moines.  I’ve finally figured out Mellencamp – he’s a folk singer trapped in the body of a rock-n-roll star.  He’s got the weight of all these much-loved rock hits from his younger days – “Hurts so Good” “Jack and Diane”  But at his heart, he keeps writing some of the same songs over and over - songs about America – with justice and liberty for all.

I think some people don’t “get” the satire in some of his songs, especially “Pink Houses.”  One of his most recent songs about the nooses in Jena, Louisiana is the latest example of John Mellencamp’s America with justice and liberty for all.

The most talked-about part of the concert happened when he invited John Edwards up on stage for a moment during an acoustic version of “Small Town.”  Along with cheers, there were angry boos, which aren’t quite as noticable in the video than in person.

You can see his version of Small Town with the introduction of Edwards on this clip from YouTube of last night’s show.

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