October 24, 2007 – Fall Leaves

It seems like the leaves are really reluctant to turn this season.  I’m not sure if it is the warm, moist fall – we really still haven’t had the temperatures drop into the 20’s yet this season.

Today I got a dose of the legendary Menards customer service.  My steel siding/roofing was in, so I went to town to pick it up. 

1) Show them my slip at the service desk, they call the back for a load out, no one answers. 
2) They try again in a few minutes.  No one answers. Wait.
3) They try a different department.  No reply. Wait.
4) Try calling again.  Still no answer. Wait.
5) Finally, they find someone with a pulse and have me sign the handheld checkout contraption.  The battery dies. 
6) The person who was in charge of the sign-out device tells me she “isn’t authorized” to put a new battery in. 
7) Repeat steps 2-4.
8) Finally, someone at the proper authorization level replaces the battery and instructs me to drive around to the back.
9) No one is there, and when someone does appear, they are not able/authorized to drive the forklift.  At this point, I’m ready to get something done, so I show them my truck and say I’ve got to go run some other errands, so I go buy some new shoes as my farm shoes have needed replacement for a couple weeks.
10) When I return, the truck is loaded, but there is confusion about whether they sent the right amounts of each color I ordered.  At last I suggest I’ll just go home and let them know if I’m short. 

I spent a good part of the afternoon unloading the pieces, almost a ton’s worth – for the roof of the hog barn, some of the walls of the hog barn, and the east side of the corn crib. 

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