October 21, 2007 – 1,000 Blog Entries

Yesterday was blog entry number 1000 on high hopes gardens blog! Â  When the blog was born 1,000 or so days ago (February 13, 2005) I thought it would mainly be a place to report on “the farm.”  It has since taken on a split personality as it it sometimes hard to separate the “family” from the “farm” and the blog is a place where friends and family can stop in at their leisure and catch up with the goings-on at the farm.  But there are also the entries that are more family-related and not farm related, so there is a bit of writing to two audiences.

The greatest unintended benefit of the blog is the record it presents of our lives and I trust it will be very amusing and revealing to our children to look back at their childhood, season by season, even day by day.  In a way it is a combination of a journal and scrapbooking – even things as little as two years ago I’ve forgotten – I can’t imagine what it may be like for them to show their grandkids in whatever form it may take by then, printed pages or computer screen.

So, on it goes – I think I’m ready for another 1000.

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