October 5, 2007 – The Reconstruction Begins

The first stage of putting a new roof on the hog barn begins.  About 30% of the roof is gone, most of the rafters are rotted, but it is still standing.  The first step is to replace the top plate of the walls and then add new rafters.

Here’s a view of where the rafter meets the top plate on an exterior wall.  The bottom 2×4 in this section was not rotten, but I cut and scraped out the top one.  My friend is the Sawz-All today!

A nice new top plate of treated lumber in place.  Today I did this for about 40% of the length I need to do and notched and installed the new rafters along the same distance.  The same story over and over, get the floor jack out, lift up the old rafter about 3 inches, shove the new raftter in place, lower the old rafter and nail everything together. Repeat.

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