October 3, 2007 – Sorry State of South Side of Hog Barn

Here’s what the current state is of the south side of the old hog barn. We’ve been fixing up buildings one at a time and it is now time to do this side of the old hog barn. We roofed and painted the north side two years ago, and it looks sharp (and dry). But you can see this side needs some work. Hopefully this will be a great “before” shot to compare to the finished product.

The good part about projects like this one is that it’s easy and rewarding to make huge improvements even if things aren’t exactly perfect. Just having a roof and windows will be a huge improvement. Every time I drive home in the daylight, I can see this side of the building from the road and it bothers me. But from the driveway you see the good side and forget about it.

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