September 23, 2007 – A Small World!

Today one of our new neighbors had some folks over to play some music at her new place and invited us over. (Yes, she is in our township, so we now may have to amend the slogan of high hopes garden’s farm music slogan to “The Original Live Music Capital of Logan Township!”

She’s the one behind the piano and the one with seven pianos in her garage!

I’m bad at remembering names, but another jammer.

Here’s the “small world” section of the entry.  This is Tim Jenkins, renowned in this part of the country as a fine dance caller.  I noticed his shirt was from a place close to one of my relatives who lives even more “off the grid” than we do in SW Wisconsin.  I asked if he knew him and his eyes lit up and turns out they play together a frequently back in Wisconsin. 

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