September 10, 2007 – Horse Stalls in the Barn

The girls have started to attack a barn horse stall.  This one has been filled with corn cobs (and has been since we moved in).  I attached it one afternoon with a wood chipper to make some chicken nest box bedding, but haven’t done much with it lately.

The girls have removed about half of it – filling about 30 gunny sacks full.  The barn has a number of these stalls, the first of which Linda uses to arrange flowers, the others are filled with “stuff.”

The alley along the stalls is this nice red brick.  We were surprised when we cleaned the dumping grounds out of the barn a while after we moved in to find this wonderful floor.  We had someone from the Iowa Barn Foundation come look at the barn and he said if we wanted to the barn would probably be eligible to be listed on the National Register of Historic Places because of this floor and the unusual roofing support.  We haven’t pursued it, but are fixing up the barn as we have time – mainly needs new windows and doors.

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One thought on “September 10, 2007 – Horse Stalls in the Barn

  1. I went back to look at your barn pictures. What an awesome structure you’ve got there. It would be interesting to see what todays costs would be to build such a barn.

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